Lemon Client

Lemon is a Minecraft External Client 🍋!

Feature 01

Bypass Screenshare

Lemon Client aims to provide a Screenshare proof client that will not be detected by any major Screenshare tool. This client also will not be detected by any manual screenshare.

Feature 02


We have our own auth system and you can be sure Your information will always be safe and will never be disclosed, All customer information is highly encrypted.

Feature 03


The developer, is committed to this client and very dedicated. our aims to update the client regularly and this project guarantees to stay active.

Feature 04

Free Version

The free version of Lemon will include an advanced autoclicker undetectable by anticheats, it also includes bhop and velocity.

Feature 05

Development Language

Lemon client is an external client which uses memory hacking and was created with the ".NET" language (one of the only clients created in .NET) the paid version of Lemon contains c++ code for optimization of more efficient .

Feature 06

Insane Design

The design that is offered to you is an exclusive design that has been carefully thought out to be as practical as possible and that you have an unforgettable experience.

Minecraft External Client

Lemon is an external client made in .NET which allows you to boost your performance on minecraft.

Free version
  • Supported (1.7.10, 1.8)version
  • Made in .NET
  • Features : Autoclicker, Velocity, Bhop
Prenium version
  • Undetected from Screen Share tools (Paladin, Avenge, Yori, Echo, Monster Munch, Kangaroo, Couscous)
  • Insane optimization
  • Supported (1.7.10, 1.8)version
  • Made in .NET & C++
  • Features : Autoclick, Reach, Velocity, Player ESP, Bhop, Timer, Hitboxes, Infinity Jump, Glide, Speed, Hight Jump

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